Economical High Precision Aluminum Alloy Couplings




1. Integrated rigid coupling
2. Light weight, a small moment of inertia, high responsiveness
3. Metal zero backlash, no power/motion loss
4. High rigidity
5. There is no ability to absorb deviation, so eccentricity is basically not allowed. Be sure to align the two axes when installing
Rigid Coupling
Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment
Natural color anode
Customized service
Support light customization and logo customization
The default engraving brand name and size of the product. If you do need not engraving, please contact customer service for comments

Product Parameters

Rigid coupling
Metal integral type, zero backlashes, no power and motion loss; The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, reliable operation, simple assembly, disassembly and maintenance, large transmission torque, and can ensure high centering accuracy of the two axes. Generally used for shaft transmission with stable load, fast speed or high transmission precision

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